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Hi, I'm Vigi.

With a strong background in hospitality and accounting for over 10 years, I began teaching myself to code out of curiosity.
Curiosity turned into love and after a lot of thought and guidance, I decided the time was right to make a career switch. I enrolled myself into a fully immersive course at @coderfactoryacademy and now, I am on my way to becoming a full stack web developer. I enjoy both front and back end aspects of web development and would love to gain exposure on both. I have also recently started to invet passively across various cryptocurrencies and I am fascinated by blockchain technology and what it is capable of.
I am a doting father of a baby girl and a self confessed sucker for all things cricket.

// Technical

Ruby / Rails / HTML5 / CSS3 / Mongo DB /

React JS / Express JS / Node JS /

// Management

Leadership / Negotiation / Finance /

Customer Relations / Crisis Management /

// Life

Communication / Empathy / Interpersonal /


takemyride - A peer to peer
car sharing rails app



Codewars - My solutions to various code challenges in ruby


Business Experience

Prior to making the switch into programming I was a serial entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. I have driven every aspect of management including, but not limted to - design, training, operations, compliance, business development, finance and social media marketing.
Check out two of my most successful start ups that I am most proud of.

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I can easily be reached for a chat over the phone or even happy to catch up for a coffee(or two).

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